Sunday, April 27, 2008

I think my car needs to be cleaned out

I think my car needs to be cleaned out
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Well, it being Sunday, and the fact that I have had two long days off, made me really try to focus on this. So, I gathered "da boys," and got after it! I admit there's my stuff out there, and I also take responsibility for letting them *in the door* without their hands full! But, they are going have to fall on the sword with me. he he. I get it totally cleaned, no problem, but it's like an alcoholic saying he can quit "anytime I want." It just gets right back to a mess in 2.2 seconds!! So, I guess the challenge is how long I can keep it decent. I think my old record is about 5-7 days. I'm up for the challenge.

P.S. Update from last post: I did get the goal area cleaned, about a 7 out of 10. Follow up is sooo important. I am going to get the other 3 points done tonight... Moderate success.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Another Lost Weekend

No, it wasn't like that... I didn't drink too much. Just had a cold all week, and it whipped me clear through the weekend. I've been a total blob the last few weekends, which, sadly includes Fridays since I have 3 day weekends. I went to a few garage sales on Friday, and it was sweet, 'cause hubby dropped me off and picked me up! I simply must start a mosaic tomorrow. But I feel like I must clear my mosaic table off to do that (scary, you don't want to know...) To do that, I probably need to move the things to the new work area, which would involve clearing out the kitchen too. Before you know it, my ADD brain has psyched my own self out of the whole mess! Tomorrow, my challenge is to clear only 1 area, and reassess. That's going to be my mantra. That and "I will not go to any thrift stores today..." I have a lot of materials to work with. Besides, garage sales are way cheaper here. And they are abundant since the weather is getting nicer. I also need to figure out what my anchor link problem is with this blog. Maybe it's related to me beloved Mac. Regardless, I shall have to figure it out, too. Anyway, back to my original sentiment. There is one day left of the weekend. I have slept all a human can sleep today. In bed till 11:30 and napped from 2-4. I should be ready for some work. Daughter's moving out (another topic for later) will free up another room and make space a little more organized. So, here's to "finding" the rest of the weekend.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Eddie Vedder

Ok, so I see this Pearl Jam "Storytellers" in June of 2006.  They blew me away.  And since then, I've been looking for a good video of that session.  My efforts were renewed when I saw "Into the Wild" last week.  Behold, I have for you:  "Here's to the State of George W."  Caution: This material may increase thought waves...


If Jesus were alive today, he'd be a Democrat. There, I've said it. Time is money, as they say, and you should think about it now-- whether your time is worth spending on this entry. (Short pause to let folks leave and slam the door without disturbing us in the process.) There now. I just mean, you would see Him on the streets hanging with the "lesser thans" just like he did eons ago. I don't think he'd be one of those passing judgement on others; just speaking the truth, and helping. He wouldn't be participating in the (thinly veiled) prejudice of today's Maybe our society should act a little more like Jesus and wear a few less WWJD bracelets. It's a little too detached and complentative. How about: What Would Jesus Drive? Or, Who would Jesus Bomb?

Ikea mirrors to moasic

Ikea mirrors to moasic
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Presently, I am addicted to shopping for substrates. In the mosaic world, that means bases or materials to put the mosaic pieces (tesserae) on. I think it is like my phase of scrapbooking when I was saturated with something like 56 pages in a week or two. Then, when I shopped, I bought cool (and bargain-priced) items that would be useful. Then, my infinitely wise daughter said, "Mom, I think you have enough stuff, you just need to do the work." Ahhh, out of the mouths of babes. (At least she was then, not the evil, twisted version of The Excorcist we see these days.) I digress... Anyway, the point is I am in a funk, and I must lock myself in the house--sans urchins-- and get to work.

Things get Rocky Around Here

Well, the time has come to decide on a theme for the blog. I have difficulty narrowing it too much. I think, like all writers, I should stick to what I know: Interesting ways of thinking about current events, being a mom to an evil rage-monger--uhhh, I mean teenage girl, an 11 year old with "issues," and a third child who makes sure not to get the short end of the stick... I am trying to make ends meet, make a meaningful contribution the the world around me, and squeeze out a modicum of joy for myself in there somewhere. Life is hard, and my musings may not be mainstream, but I think it takes all kinds to make the world go 'round, so here goes trying to make a blog that genuinely reflects my thoughts about the vicious, incessant, and amazing thing called life. You're welcome to join the ride, but buckle up: things get rocky around here.